Leading LED Technology

The Uni-light concept originated in California in 2005 while scrutinizing existing techniques for Drivers and Thermal Management, and attempting to provide the highest quality, longest life, highest efficiency, and lowest cost LED lighting possible. The research has resulted in patents that drastically improve the efficiency and the longevity of the lights. To guarantee cost effective and high quality lights, production takes place in our own factory, Kingdom Electronics in Shanghai. Our Research and Development is in the USA. Today Uni-light is located in Stockholm, Sweden were the company is listed on the NGM stock exchange. NGM stock exchange is owned by the Stuttgart stock exchange-Germany’s second largest Stock Exchange. In 2018, we began to analyze the functions and possibilities of solar cell lighting in Sweden. WE later bought a company – Eco by Sweden – which worked with solar cells and solar cell lighting for many years. Today, Eco by Sweden is a strong brand in our product basket with green signs.In cooperation with branch representatives and customers Uni-light designs new, high quality solutions resulting in more efficient and longer lasting lights and thereby contributes to the customer’s profitability. Today Uni-light is focused on niche markets such as:

  • Livestock
  • Solar cell lighting
  • Environmentally sensitive industries
  • EMI sensitive installations


Uni-light has developed its own patented driver technology that is based on linear mode technologies. This technique results in many advantages such as higher efficiency and no generation of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Uni-light’s drivers are 8-15% more efficient than other drivers. Our lights are dimmable, from 100% down to zero. Our latest design of drivers results in flicker free lights generating no visible or invisible flicker in the light output. Studies have shown the both visible and invisible flicker are harmful to humans.

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