Leading LED Technology

Global demand for food is expected to double by 2030. To meet demand, food producers are looking for new ways to increase production efficiencies while reducing costs and environmental impact. LED lighting solutions from Uni-light do both.

Increase production
Uni-light’s patented driver technology brings a new generation of high efficiency, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant LED lighting sources to livestock producers. Our LED lighting solutions enable livestock producers to optimise light regimes for animals, which in turn increases production efficiencies.

Improve animal health
According to extensive research, daily exposure to specific wavelengths of light improves the health, fertility and productivity of livestock-for instance: dairy cows produce more milk, broilers gain weight faster and beef cattle grow faster and reach maturity earlier.

Regulating exposure to light influences the levels of melatonin, the hormone that affects functions such as sleep and seasonal reproduction. This in combination with Uni-light’s patented technology contributes to animal well-being.

Cut electricity consumption and costs

Uni-light’s patented driver technology reduces energy costs by up to 15% yet provide the same lumen output compared to conventional LED lights. A typical installation in livestock housing, such as a dairy farm, usually pays for itself in 12 months or less.