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Uni-light increases milk production by more than 8%. With more than 500 dairy cows, Hulterstad Dairy is the third largest organic dairy farm in Sweden. To reduce electricity costs in a newly built stable, the Hulterstad Dairy located in southeastern Sweden, installed Uni-light dairy lights. Simultaneously, it installed an identical system in the older stable.

As an added bonus, the dairy increased milk production by more than 8% within the first two weeks. This was due to the light that enhanced the productivity of the dairy cows by optimising exposure to specific wavelengths of light. The dairy also reports that the cows are more active and alert. Another benefit: Smooth communication between the cows’ transponders and the milking equipment due to no EMI The control system allows daylight control using light sensors and gives balanced light settings for daylight and night light to allow the animals their necessary rest.

Increased milk production by 9%, reduced feed use by 11.4%, and reduced electricity costs by 7.7%
An independent study conducted by Alltech E-CO2 , a global leading environmental consultant within the animal health and nutrition industry, showed that cows on a dairy farm in the U.K. increased milk production by 9% after installing Uni-light lighting system while reducing electricity costs by 7.7%, food concentrate by 11.4%, and carbon output by 3.9%.This translates to an increase in production of £263 per cow and a decrease in 4000 kWh per 1M litres and 40000 kg concentrate equivalent/1M litres.


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