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Here we will try to give you some interesting facts about LED light. Articles, scientific reports etc. Additionally you will find reference case and installations that we have done or are about to do. If you have any questions please contact us.

Uni-light has been researching and studying LED light for more than 10 years. In that time we have discovered many interesting ways to use light to enhance our lives. For humans, light has both a utilitarian and an emotional effect. The color temperature (spectrum) of light in a room helps set the mood. Lighting for ambiance is well used in many fine restaurants and in homes. But did you know that lighting in workplaces can also increase productivity in humans? Cool white light with plenty of blue light content reduces melatonin production in humans as well as animals. Reduced melatonin also leads to more alert, awake, and productive body chemistry.

We have studied the effects of light on plant growth and even on the growth of a specific algae for biofuel production. We have found that sprouting and growing plants respond better to mixtures of light with more red content and that fruiting and blossoming plants do well with more blue light content. Plants use red, blue and yellow light, but do not respond much to green light. This is due to the chemical reactions involving chlorophyll in the leaves of the plants.

We have studied the worsening problem of radio frequency noise polution and developed lighting which does not generate radio frequencies.

Flicker in man-made lighting has been quite prevalent for more than 100 years. We have reduced and eliminated flicker from many of our products specifically to avoid the negative consequences of invisible flicker on humans and animals. The natural light of the sun which has been lighting the earth for so many millions of years does not have this invisible flicker, and it is reasonable to assume that this type of flicker could have negative effects, as recent studies have shown.

Our consultants can guide you in your choice of lighting to give you the best type for you application. We can provide the expertise to help your workplace lighting increase visibility and productivity and save energy. Regardless of your lighting needs, we have the expertise and the products to give you world class lighting and energy savings, without flicker and without electromagnetic interference.

We are a company who has done our homework in the science of lighting, and a company dedicated to quality.

So whether you need to light a factory or a greenhouse, an office or a dairy barn, homes or restaurants, we have the scienctific background and the products to give you the best.

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